Sustainable Innovation

Building & Bridging Industries For Economic Growth

Project Management

We handle and implement projects in sustainable ways, that have positive long term economic impacts at the community, state and national level.

Procurement Logistics

We handle all the groundwork of international vendors, contractors and companies who want a seamless business establishment within The African Continent.

Labour & Workforce

We source for local labour needed for international companies to conduct their business, as well as conduct the relevant trainings when needed.


Safe & Sustainable  Industrial Activity

We only engage in industrial activities in a manner that is protective of Mother Earth’s resources and sustainable for the community long term. We never engage in practices and activities that exploits mother earth or her resources. 

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Our Process Flow

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Project Requirements
Scope of Work
Hire & Train Workforce
Project Execution
Maintenance & Sustainability

Key Infrastructure

There are certain key and basic industries that must be established if a community, city or country is to experience splurgin and progressive sustainable economic growth. Napstone Industries works in identifying these key sectors within communities and countries and then working with the right companies, vendors and contractors in establishing these key infrstructure, while involving the locals within these territories

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Working with the locals WHILE PROVIDING EMPLOYMENT

The Importance of Social Responsibility

Population, we are told, is not a question of numbers, but a question of people. And the welfare of the people who occupy the lands and jurisdiction where Napstone Industries and its third party contrators operates, will always come first. Gone are the days of exploitative labour or corporate social irresponsibility to the detriment of the locals, no more! All our activities always put the interests of the locals first and will always work in peacefull harmony with them for economic prosperity 

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    We work across the entire span of The African Continent 

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