About Us

Napstone Multimedia Design Agency

We are Napstone Multimedia Agency, run and managed by the founder, graphic artist and lead designer, Napoleon [aka Napstone]. For more than five years, we’ve been involved in creative projects from around the world. Mr Napstone and our creative team have worked with various clients in bringing their ideas, products and projects to the hands of their end users elegantly. From short films to documentaries all the way to corporate branding, commercials and ads for both private and business entities from a multiplicities of industries.

Some of the things we specialize in:

Visual Design – Visual Ads, Branding & Marketing – Professional Logos and Print Designs – Digital Magazines and Editorial Publications – Social Media Management – Print Patterns and Designs for Fashion Brands – Abstract Art Creations [For private sales]

Video Production & Editing – Video Promo and Advertisements – Corporate Videos & Presentations – Wedding Video Coverage and Editing – Music Videos, Films & Documentaries – Animated Logos & Customized Title Openers

Drone & Aerial Mapping Services – Aerial Mapping & Topological Analysis for construction sites – Quantity survey and raw material calculation – Real Estate survey and Promotion – Agricultural & Farming Drone Services – Geology and Mining Sites Inspection and Analysis – Oil and Gas exploration and pipe inspection drone services: both onshore and offshore – Industrial Sites and Quarry Survey and Analysis

Web Design – Web Design with WordPress – Search Engine Optimization and Web Presence

We are proficient with – WordPress – Photoshop – Adobe Lightroom – Adobe PremierPro – Adobe After Effects – Adobe Illustrator – Adobe Audition [For Audio, Sound & Music Manipulation] – Apple’s Final Cut Pro – MS Office Suite Including: Creating Stunning and Elegant Presentations with Powerpoint We are known for the attention and dedication we give each client in meeting their various needs and we always go above and beyond what we’ve been asked to deliver as shown in the quality of our works. We look forward to working with you